Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updated Oracle Gorasai

Haven't updated in a little while but decided to show what i've done so far, really what i need to do is work on my model in mudbox maybe add armour then finish its texturing and of course rig it.

Done a bit of work in 3DsMaX:


Action Poses:

The Gorasai is a creature similar to a lion or Gorilla having fierce traits in combat from both
- Can charge at its target from a distance on his four feet/claws.
- Its Massive Roar can blow back opponents.
- Can stand on two feet however it does feel difficult for him.
- Rips through enemies with his Jaws.

1 comment:

  1. awesome :)
    the mid section is abit blocky, if you continue like i mentioned on thursday, just adding some detail to the nech and chest ares he should look alot more natural,
    looking forward to seeing this guy in action!
    keep it up :)