Friday, September 3, 2010

Solhar V2!

Hey guys!
i bring great news, the horifficly creepy solhar has been re-made at last
the first solhar has the interesting tactical abillity that in-game it could make the person controlling the computer feel uncomfortable simply by looking at it too long

well sadly this is no more, but the new one is adorable so its ok

the new Solhar is a design Tanya did back in the beginning of the project :)
here it is:

as the Solhar is a day creature, the night themed design couldnt work.
soooo i made both!
still a WIP, on-off two nights work so be nice :P

the standard Solhar, a low level day creature that fires bolts of light from the projection above its head, can be created at a very low level

Dark Solhar / Lunhar / Corrupted Solhar
This is Tanya's texture design, it has the purple shiny skin and the moth ears, it also has one tooth extruding. its also slightly bigger than the normal Solar
i changed the eyes abit and it is still a work in progress but yeah :)

the Corrupted/Dark Solhar will be a powerful+rare unlockable creature
a unique centerpiece for an army :)

now just to animate and fix those texture seams
oh and here's the old Solhar if you wish to see :P


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