Monday, December 6, 2010

In-Game Designs!

I would like to thank everyone that worked on the Eclipse project with me :) and especially those who featured their work ingame. you guys have been a simply spectacular team!
i heard some AWESOME stuff today about the game.. they were extremely impressed, this has quite possibly been the most sucessful project yet, and i think we should be Damn proud!

there (as always) were some errors and content that was not implemented in the end, but we got alot of it in, and it was Alot by comparison to the earlier projects.
i will be seeing about a revised version with some of these errors fixxed and a little more implemented, and then ill be seeing about oraganising you coppies if we can ;)

Here is a list of the:
-Sol Creatures
-Lune Creatures
-Neutral Creatures


Anosphia - Michelle Osborne
(voiced by Laura Scott)

Harine - Patrick Rees
(voiced by Liam Gamble)

Makin - Antony Bunn

Moonlight - Michelle Osborne
(voiced by Tahlia Norrish)

Serinya - Michelle Osborne
(voiced by Anastasia Ward)

Urokii - Ryan Johnson


Ji-Gumo Matriarch - Michelle Osborne

Kohjuma - Liam Davis

Ji-Gumo - Luke Davis

Solhar - Michelle Osborne


Yeti - Daniyal Ishmael

Nightmind - Michelle Osborne

Pikat - Gareth Hirst

Yin - Timothy Whittingham

-aaand here are my neutral creatures. just coz

Ether Sprite


Bone Crab


Sarohnia Shellback

a will be getting back with some in-game shots and then finnally the credits list.
but until then;

thank you all for joining with me to make this happen :)
i wish you the best of luck in your next projects and i cant wait to see how they turn out!! :D


  1. This was a fun a project to work on 8D.

  2. Top job to everyone. This was great to be a part of ^^b